Shapewear: how to shape your body

27 Febbraio 2023
shapewear to shape your body

Every woman aspires to feeling comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Often for fear of showing some imperfection and roundness, we deprive ourselves of that charming dress that seems to highlight and magnify even our smallest flaw.
It’s time to discover the best shapewear, the solution for every body, each size and every clothes.

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is a really revolution, it’s a kind of clothes that sculpt the silhouette to highlight the natural curves.
Many people think that shapewear is uncomfortable because of its compressive nature, but you have to know that the latest generation shapewear, instead of compressing the body, supports, wraps and shapes the silhouette without scoring, ensuring comfort and maximum freedom of movement. Shapewear can also be a great option if you want to improve your posture or reduce back pain…So this category of underwear has many benefits to keep in mind.

You have to know that in these recent years shapewear have improved thank’s to advances in fabric technology, now you can find soft clothes, beautiful line and comfortable style, with anti-bacterial properties, breathable fabrics of control briefs. Now the shapewear is designed to sit comfortably next to our skin.

I discover this type of intimate one years ago. For the wedding of my cousin i wore a body shaper with butt lifter, i loved it so much, it’s sculpt and lift the backside, so my evening party dress was a perfect fit.

Shapewear: for everyday life or only for special occasions?

Shapewear is perfect for everyday life or for a busy day, nothing prevents us to use it even in sports or relaxation during our freetime, it’s also a great option to fit in a cocktail dress. So you could consider to wear it daily to help you feel more confident in your appearance, or you could reserve it for special occasions, where you want to look your best.

Shapewear works in three areas of our body: waist, middle area, and bottom and it’is available in three main categories: light control, medium control and firm control.

When you decide to buy shapewear you have to consider the right size, I advise you to take your measurements and consult the size chart for the specific style of shapewear you are interested in.

You can choose from a big selection of items based on the benefits you want to get, for example you find: Spanx, Bras, micro jumpsuits, bodysuits, leggings, tank tops, bodysuit thong shapewear, corsets and many other.

And you, do you love shapewear?

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